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Modernes Haus

A dream of driving an electric-car, a clean, efficient "glide along" ... That is a thought that has become more and more popular with many people recently. We have actually implemented this idea for ourselves, which is why we get to know the advantages of electromobility anew every day. For example, one advantage of e-mobility is that you can have your own "gas" station at home ... You come home, connect the wallbox plug to the car and fully recharge it. The next day you set off again with a 100% charged battery. You never have to drive to a gas station again and you can also use the electricity you have produced yourself from your photovoltaic system directly from the roof. ELECTRIC-C-PORTS & MORE develops products made of pure aluminum so that you can enjoy your arrive at home and finally we make your "electric port" as weather-resistant, high-quality and comfortable as possible . You should be able to charge your car safely and comfortably in any weather. We also want to make our contribution to the transformation into a clean and efficient future. Our company has made it its business to develop sustainable products of high quality and ultimately to inspire people for a more efficient way of life ...

"Life for efficiency"

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