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The parts of the stand

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

High-quality extruded aluminum profiles are individually checked for scratches and dents and sanded before powdering. Then they are primed and powder coated in the desired color. The powder-coated surface is very robust and protects the aluminum profiles against oxidation.

This surface looks very good and is very easy to clean with a damp cloth.

Stele Einzelteile
stand alone parts

Stable 4mm thick wall thickness of the aluminum profile is essential so that the stand is particularly resistant by bad weather conditions and external forces ...

4mm thick aluminum profile
4mm thick aluminum profile

The base plate and cap - the important components of the stand

Because most of the charging stations are not covered, they are exposed to permanent weather conditions such as rain, snow, frost, gusts of wind, etc. Therefore, the interior of the stand should remain dry and tight to protect the important electrical components. For this reason, all of our wallbox stands have a specially designed aluminum cap, which not only looks good, but also does not let water or moisture through, thanks to a milled step in the constructed body.

An additional seal supplied in the stand package makes the assembly completely watertight.

The cap and base plate are milled from solid aluminum and are 10mm thick, so that proper forces can be transferred to the foundation ...

10mm starke Aluminium Fußplatte
10mm thick aluminum base plate

10mm thick cap with 3mm milled step
10mm thick cap with 3mm milled step

... and last but not least, you need stainless steel in any wet weather so that the connections last for years and do not corrode. All of our stands contain the "Fischer" stainless steel anchor bolts, what indicates the quality of our products too.

"Fischer" stainless steel anchor bolts
"Fischer" stainless steel anchor bolts

5mm thick mounting brackets made of stainless steel ensure a stable hold of the wallbox stand

5mm thick mounting brackets made of stainless steel ensure a stable hold of callbox stand
lacquered stainless steel mounting bracket with M6 stainless steel flat head and countersunk head screws.

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